Vivekananda Technical Institute

In Collaboration with "National Institute of Technology-Durgapur"

The institute has collaborated with renowned educational organization National Institute of Technology-Durgapur for its Foundry training courses.

Our mission is to grow our Institution by providing innovative, strong and high performance educations

Foundry Cluster Development Association (FCDA) was formed by the industry stakeholders, as required under the IIUS of Government of India, to implement the Foundry Park Project. The Association was incorporated on 29.04.2005, having its registered office at Kolkata, India. The Executive Council consists of Managing Director-WBIDC as Chairman and industry stakeholders as Senior Vice Chairman, two Vice Chairmen & members. The Executive Council also includes two nominees of Government of India. The Foundry Park has all the essential infrastructure and modern facilities including: 1.Adequate road network, Power and water distribution systems and drainage system. 2.Modern Information, marketing and management up gradation center Common facilities including Tool room, testing laboratory and material handling equipment. 3.Industrial Training Institute, Guest house, canteen and allied facilities. Utilities including Fire Station, bank counters, Post office etc. 4.Landscaping, buffer zone of dense vegetation and water bodies.

Vivekananda Technical Institute (VTI):

Funded by Foundry Cluster Development Association (FCDA), situated at the sprawling picturesque Techno Complex at The Foundry Park (Haulibagan, Ranihati-Amta Road). VTI emerged as the pioneer Institute in West Bengal to train the future foundrymen. The institute is the first of its kind which has developed its curricula that serves the need for human resources of the foundry owners who has planned to establish production units in the Foundry Park, surrounding the institute. The governing body of this institute has formed with a combination of renowned industrialists and academicians of the state.VTI is proud to receive aids from the Government of West Bengal, IFA, FCDA for the development of the infrastructure and the campus as well as improvement of Teaching and learning facilities.The institute is collaborated with renowned educational organization National Institute of Technology-Durgapur for its Foundry training courses.

The Governing Body:

The Seven member body comprises of: 1. Mr. V.S Beriwal (Foundry owner & Sr.Vice Chairman, FCDA) - Chairman 2. Mr. Bijay Krishnan Kedia (Foundry owner) - Co-Chairman 3. Prof. G. Sutradhar (Jadavpur University) - Vice-Chairman 4. Mr. MK Ghosh (Foundry consultant) - Member 5. Dr. Shamim Haidar (Aliah University) - Member 6. Mr. Amit Seksaria (Foundry owner) - Member 7. Principal, VTI (ex-officio) - Member Secretary

Motto of the Institute: “From Metals to Technology”

Mission & Vision Statement


To impart quality professional / technical education to students inculcating in them national / global perspective, leadership attitude, entrepreneurship, co-operative spirit, cultured outlook, ethical values, social responsibilities and healthy habits so as to contribute to the technological, economical and social development of the region, the state and the country and to create an ambience of excellence, inspiring value based education, research and development.


To create an institution for technical education which is needed for the foundry industries, dedicated to the cause of developing professionals with high sense of ethical values and commitment to the society , where students shall realize their potentials and learn to be future torch bearers of evolving technologies, through inculcation of proper attitude, appropriation of traditions and heritage and fostering of originality , so as to be capable of functioning without being influenced by malice of caste, creed, political and religious dogmas.

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