Infrastructure development work for sewerage, drainage water connection lines etc for the initial 300 acres is complete and now similar job of extending similar network over the added area of around 200 acres is to be made.

 To ensure that there is regular flow of sewer through the existing lines.
 To suggest any modifications that may be required.
 To calculate the capacity of existing sewer line and verify if it can handle the additional sewer 
    discharge from the added area.
 To provide an additional pipeline (if required) with sump pump for discharging the sewer of the
    additional area.
 To design the network of sewer line in the additional area.
 To design a Composite Sewage Treatment Plant with facilities for catering additional areas,
     2nd Phase also with the same CSTP.
 To collect samples of water from the sewer discharge and do laboratory testing and advising
    on the quantities of chemicals required to neutralize it.
 To train the personnel to operate the CSTP and periodically monitoring it for a year.
 To determine the storm water, drain lines with levels and capacity of storm water drain.
 To checked and evaluate its capacity and to fix the discharge points.
 To evaluate if the existing drain can be connected to the added area.
 Water lines with diameter of pipelines to be checked to determine if the same pipeline can
    cater to the extended area or another dedicated pipeline required for supplying the extended
 To connect all the plots with water, sewer and storm water connections.
 Pipeline for recycling of treated water to ensure ZERO DISCHARGE
 To provide a guideline for development within the plot with entitlement of ferule connection.


 To carry out a thorough survey to determine the invert levels and cross verification with the
    drawings collected.
 To submit detailed report with calculations for modifications (if required) for: -
    A) Water supply lines
    B) Sewer lines
    C) Storm water lines.
 To visit site as and when required for inspection during the progress of the work.