Foundry industry in India, as we know it now, started around 1940 in Howrah and then later on spread to other states such as, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu. At present around 500 units exist in West Bengal with an installed capacity of 1 Million tonnes. 95% of these units are concentrated in the district of Howrah forming an informal cluster.

The growth rate of industrial development in West Bengal is around 7% during the last decade. The WBIDC is the prime state level agency for promoting industrial investment and activities includes development of growth centers, specialized parks, special economic and export zones through creation of world class infrastructure, streamlining investment and boosting up the investment friendly environment. In addition to the conventional industrial set up of the state, major thrust areas are Iron and Steel industry, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications etc.
The Iron and Steel industry in the state is experiencing a resurgence. During the last 13 years from 1991 to 2003, there was an investment of more than Rs. 7000 crore another Rs. 2100 crore is in the pipeline.Due to globalization, there is an upsurge in demand for quality castings. At the same time, competition in the world and domestic markets has increased. The existing foundries in its present form are currently not adequately equipped to manufacture quality castings at competitive prices and hence need thorough modernization.

Realizing the need for modernization, expansion and relocation of foundries at Howrah, the Government of West Bengal had suggested WBIDC and Indian Foundry Association to set up a Foundry Park near the vicinity of the existing Howrah foundry cluster. Once it was principally accepted by all concerned, GoWB formulated and forwarded the Project under Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (IIUS), to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GOI.


   Foundry Park at Howrah, West Bengal under IIUS





Foundry Park, Howrah, West Bengal

Project Photograph


Project Start Date

April 2009

Project Area

  • Proposed : 924 acres (2800 Bighas)

A total of 600 acres, as approved by DIPP, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GoI, for completion by March 2014.

  • Balance 324 acres, to be implemented simultaneously with Phase 2 from internal resources of IFA & FCDA
  • All the common facilities, namely ITI, Testing and environmental laboratory, Information, Marketing, HRD and Management upgradation centre to be implemented in full, in the first phase only.


5.15 kms off the NH-6 (From Ranihati Crossing) on Ranihati-Amta Road in Howrah, West Bengal


Foundry Cluster Development Association (FCDA) under the aegis of Indian Foundry Association (IFA), 7th Floor, 4, India Exchange Place, Kolkata-700001

Nodal Agency

West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC)

Total Number of Units Planned

Foundry Units:

  • 100 nos total in 600 acres
  • 60 units in Phase 1 of 269 acres.

Allied (Core making, pattern making, fettling, painting, fabrication and machining shops, raw material banks etc.): 40 nos.

Total Envisaged Castings Output

Phase 1

  • 1st year of Commercial Operations: 1.5 lakh tonnes per annum
  • By end of 5th year of Commercial Operations: 3 lakh tonnes per annum.

For 600 acres

  • 1st year of Commercial Operations: 3 lakh tonnes per annum

By end of 5th year of Commercial Operations: 5 lakh tonnes per annum.

Total Envisaged Investment by Foundry Units

Phase 1: Rs. 800 crores

On 600 acres: Rs. 1500 crores

Employment Potential

In Phase 1
Direct Employment: 10,000 people (approx.)
Indirect Employment: 30,000 people
In 600 acres
Direct Employment: 20,000 people (approx.)
Indirect Employment: 60,000 people
90% as Unskilled and semi-skilled labour

Envisaged Exports

3 lakhs tonnes of castings output, valued currently at Rs. 1200 crores

Common Infrastructure

Roads, water supply, drainage, sewerage, Power Supply, CETP, Waste management site.

  • In total for 600 acres: Rs. 78 Crores (Approx.)

Common Facilities

Tool-room, R&D Centre cum Testing Lab, Information, marketing cum Management Upgradation centre & ITI at a total cost of Rs. 18 Crores (Approx.)

  • Being implemented in Phase 1 in entirety

Environmental measures

Green Belt of approximately 100 acres (approximately 11% of total area)
Retention and strengthening of drainage channels.
Environmental clearance accorded by GoI.
Environmental monitoring system will be installed.

Government Support

Project being implemented with Grant of approximately Rs. 39 crores under Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (IIUS) of GoI.
Rs. 21 out of of Rs 32 crores disbursed by GoI till date has already been utilized.

Project Benefits

  • Investments as well as creation of direct employment and indirect employment.
  • Boost to the Economy of West Bengal, especially in the metallurgical sector.
  • Socio-economic upliftment of the region.
  • Long pending modernization program of Howrah foundry cluster will be realized.
  • Opportunity to set up foundries of international standards to attract foreign direct investment.
  • Attract User Industries like Automobiles, pumps, OEMs, Railway units, Electrical appliances etc.

Backward Integration

Pig Iron Plant within the Foundry Park

Source of Power

220 KV sub-station to be set-up within the Park. FCDA has provided approximately 15 acres of Land to WBSETCL for setting up the sub-station. The sub-station will supply power to the local area apart from the requirements of the Foundry park, which will improve the power situation of the Local area.

Land Allotment

  • Land has already been allotted to 60 members, mostly from MSME Sector.
  • Plot sizes vary from 1 bigha (0.33 acres) to 15 bighas (5 acres).

Land Procurement Status

  • A total of 590 acres already procured and in possession. However, the land is not contiguous.
  • Hence project is planned in a phase-wise manner.



Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion,
Ministry Of Commerce, Government Of India

Project Cost: -


(Rs in Lakhs)


Amount Approved

IIUS Grant


Contribution by users and stakeholders (Industry)





Financed under:

Industrial Infrastructure Up-gradation Scheme(IIUS) of Department of Industrial Promotion

and Policy (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India

Date of Commencement of Project:

February, 2009

Scheduled date of completion of Entire Project:

December, 2014

Implementing Agency:

Foundry Cluster Development Association (FCDA)


Foundry Cluster Development Association

Tapash Chatterjee

Foundry Cluster Development Association
4, India Exchange Place (7th Floor)
Kolkata 700001


091-33-22306790 / 22104315 / 22318524








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